Day 340

Today was another awesome day, it began early, about 0530. I got ready to go, had a couple of rusks for breakfast and then headed towards the dive shop. I arrived and made sure my kit was all sorted and waited for everyone else. At about 0745 off we went. We headed to the same marina as the other day and got all kitted up and ready to go. We made our way to the boat and off we went. It was a beautiful day, the sea looked so calm and glass like. On the way to the dive we saw a sunfish and some penguins.


My buddy today was a Swiss guy called Svetlan (he also dived on Tuesday). The first dive site of the day was ‘Antipolis’, a wreck. It was being towed by a tug called ‘Kiyo Maru 2’ in 1977 and the tow cable snagged on the sea bed breaking the cable. The Antipolis was blown towards shore by strong winds and rough seas where it ran aground. We kitted up and then got into the water. We descended on the anchor one at a time and then waited around for everyone to be there. It was such a cool dive, the visibility wasn’t amazing but we saw lots of fish, some starfish and some little lobsters. It was so awesome to be diving on a wreck too, this one isn’t too well preserved, but it was just so cool. We ended the dive and got back safely onto the boat.


We headed back to shore (seeing another sunfish and more penguins on the way) and had a little while to relax, I had a pain au chocolat and chatted to the other divers. We headed back to the boat and headed off to the second dive site. We went back to Strawberry Dock which is the same site as the second one the other day. I got my buddy to take a photo of me before we got in the water this time (it’s almost as bad as being in a dry suit) and I took a picture of everyone getting kitted up.


This dive was awesome too, there weren’t as many seals as the other day, we saw them all at the surface, sunning themselves and just chilling. It was still cool though, just being in the water is so nice.


We got back onto the boat and headed back to shore, of course as soon as we started heading back a lot of the seals started heading towards the water – so contrary. On the way we saw another two sunfish, one of them was so chilled and we spent quite a while watching. They are so bizarre, I love them so much! I even managed to get a couple of (pretty bad) pictures!


We headed back to shore, sorted out all our kit and then went back to the shop. We filled in our logbooks. I managed to resist the temptation to book another day diving with them (I really must go up Table Mountain) and didn’t buy anything either!

A few of us headed to the gelateria next door. I had two scoops, bubblegum flavour and Astros flavour – both were really good. I said goodbye to the other divers and made my way back to the hotel. I used the internet for a while and then headed to ‘Michael’s Kitchen And Bar’ for dinner (Mum chose this one). I had a mango smoothie and chicken goujons with sweet potato fries and a salad. It was delicious and I only just managed it all.  For dessert I just had a chocolate truffle (it was quite big for a truffle) but just the perfect size.DSCF3044

I went back to the hotel, sorted my photos, did some university work and then had a nice early night ready for tomorrow.



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