Day 343

Today was such a cool day. I got up about 0630 and had a couple of rusks for breakfast. I had booked to go paragliding today, the company phoned me last night and asked to change from 0800 to 0900 due to the wind. I said there was no problem with that. They also asked me to phone them one hour beforehand to check and see how the wind was. I phoned them but they didn’t answer so I sent a text and made my way to Signal Hill anyway. There was hardly anybody there when I arrived which was nice as it was heaving the last time I went. There was nobody that looked like they were going paragliding anytime soon though. I phoned again but got no answer.

Just after 0900 a guy in a paragliding t-shirt got out of a car, I asked if he was the man I was waiting for but he wasn’t. We chatted for quite a while though while he was deciding if today was ‘flyable’ or not. At about 0930 I still hadn’t had any contact from the company I had booked through and this guy (Kai from Skywings) said that it was flyable and that if I wanted he had time for me to fly before his first client. I didn’t hesitate. I filled in a couple of forms and then off we went. Signal Hill is only 350m high so it was quite a short flight but it was awesome. Kai took the GoPro and we took so many photos and videos. The views were so fantastic. Towards the end Kai asked if I like rollercoasters, which of course I do, so we spiralled down which was such fun! We landed safely and another man came to help us unattached everything and fold up the parachute part. We then took an Uber back to the top of the hill. I said a huge thank you to Kai and then left him to go paragliding again (sometimes he can fly ten times in a day)! I had spent quite a lot of time deciding if I could/should justify spending so much money on doing this, and I’m so glad I did! It was worth every penny and Kai was great and I can highly recommend Skywings Paragliding and I was the first paraglider of the day which is pretty cool too!


I decided to go to Company Gardens for a little wander around – I am so glad I did. There have been a couple of days this week that I almost went but didn’t for one reason or other. Today they had a little market on and I found a lovely little jewellery stall. I found a beautiful ring, there wasn’t one that was my size so the lady made it bigger for me. I love it so much! I also bought a couple of other bits for presents for people. The lady was so lovely and seemed so genuine. I bought two things then went away and then came back having decided I may as well buy all of my jewellery presents from her. She was so pleased and so grateful. She has two young children and I told her to buy them a nice present with the money that I had spent. I am so pleased with my ring – I love it!


I wandered around the rest of the stalls but didn’t buy much else. I did have a crêpe cinnamon sugar and lemon which was lovely. I headed back to the car and then decided to go to the waterfront. I knew that it was Sunday and I knew that the rugby was on and I knew that it would be heaving but I still decided to go. It took quite a long time to get there and then quite a long time to find a parking space – but I managed it. I went for a bit of a wander around the malls, not really buying anything and then decided to go to the food market. I had a mango passion flavoured smoothie and then bought a chocolate cupcake and some sort of yummy looking iced shortbread from the bakery stall. I also bought a little block of cookies and cream fudge.


I took a slow wander up to the restaurants and on the way managed to see a lot of the Volvo Ocean Race boats going out which was quite cool.


Tonight I went to Gibson’s for dinner, they are famous for their milkshakes and burgers – so I had a milkshake and a burger. It is a very worthy reputation. They have over 120 milkshakes – I took such a long time deciding which one I wanted. It’s definitely one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make this year! I eventually decided on choc chip cookie dough flavour – it was delicious and so big! It was almost a meal in itself. I then had the task of deciding which burger to have. In the end I went for the cheese connoisseur burger with half a portion of normal fries and half a portion of sweet potato fries. It was so delicious! I could only just finish it all!


I took a slow wander back to the car and drove back to the hotel. I spent the evening sorting out all the photos from today. I had the yummy looking iced shortbread thing for dessert which was indeed very yummy. I read for a while and then went to bed.

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